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March 14, 2022

How To Control Your Portland Home Security From Your Smartphone

These days, a home security system goes beyond keypads and alarms. Security may now involve smart locks, flood sensors, and a whole host of home automation devices. To manage all of these elements you are able to make use of your touchscreen hub when you are home. If you’re away, you can control your Portland home security with a phone.

Fortunately, the ADT Control® home security app makes interacting with your devices a breeze.

Taking the First Steps With ADT Control

To start controlling your Portland home security system using your cell phone is by downloading ADT Control for your mobile device. Once the download is complete, your rep should walk you through the basic configuration. After you’ve established your unique details, you can enter it on additional phones or tablets. To arm your system, tap the easy-to-identify shield. You can also access all components from the app, including cameras, sensors, and home automation components.

Access Your System From Anywhere

A home security app on your mobile device makes it easy to manage devices around your house with a simple finger swipe. Did you remember to lock the door when leaving for the day? Just access ADT Control. You have the ability to activate your overall home security, view cameras, turn lights on or off, increase or decrease the thermostat, by hitting the correct icon in your app. You can even get automatic notifications on your cell phone when any of your connected security elements are triggered.

Get A Better View

When you control your Portland home security system with your phone, you have a live glimpse into your interior and exterior when cameras are operating. Explore live footage from all your security cameras directly from your phone, and record short clips or a single image, and watch lengthier segments as desired. In the event visitors arrive at your door – the postal worker, a delivery driver, or a relative -- take advantage of the 2-way audio feature to speak with them.

Get the Most Out of Your System With Scheduling And Geofencing

By using the main menu, you can explore several advanced options. Set schedules for your comfort levels, sensors, smart lighting, and anything else you like by designing your own unique scene. By using this feature, you are able to program how devices operate with each other, and when you would like them to turn on or off. Make a bedtime scene that shuts down your downstairs smart lighting, activates the exterior entry light, reduces the temperature, and engages your overall security alarm. You can also customize a wake-up scene that does the opposite when it’s time to get out of bed.

If you would like to go even more high-tech, you can turn on geo-services from the main hub or the app. Now, you can have your property
secure itself by activating locks, turning off the lighting, and engaging your security alarm when you leave the driveway. Upon your return from a long day’s work, your house will spring to action by automatically raising the garage door and turning off your security system.

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